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Welcome to the Energy Conservation Centre

  • "the home of self funding energy efficiency measures for businesses in industry and leisure"


    Your Invitation to Step Inside...The World of Top Class Industrial LED-Lighting and Solar  

    Whether your business seeks to overcome lighting issues in high temperature, dirty/dusty situations by replacing with LED Lighting or be more competitive through using the businesses rooftop for the purpose of generating its own heat and power. With Solar PV & Solar Thermal on a rooftop your business can become its own power station and with high quality LED-Lighting in high bay situations we are finding 70% and 80% savings on the lighting costs for businesses.

    We are playing an important role in supporting, investment levels in commercial premises is well below that required for energy efficiency in the twenty first century. With an option to install without upfront capital costs, we are delivering energy conservation to the more difficult difficult energy intensive organisations such as foundation industries, leisure sector and large commercial projects.

    You can de-risk the costs of new lighting, solar and other energy efficient measures by applying for our zero upfront cost option for green projects.

    We are financing the modernisation of the EU’s energy efficiency and renewable energy sectors by backing smaller, innovative initiatives for business and allowing savings of over 70% on industrial high bay LED lighting is just the start .

    At the heart of our offer is a simple energy audit, the proposal will deliver a clear payback rule, the estimated savings on bills will be equal to or exceed the cost of the work over the life expectancy of the installation.
  • " Cutting Costs For Business Is Our Business "

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