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  • The EU has some of the oldest commercial building stock on the planet. Within the EU the UK & Ireland have draughty factories, poorly insulated, leaking heat and dated lighting using up energy.

    As business operators, we pay a high price for inefficient factories and the leisure sector is generally suffering – and so does the planet.

    A quarter of the UK & Irelands carbon emissions comes from the energy we use to heat our businesses, industry and leisure places.

    The ECC (Energy Conservation Centre) is spearheading a revolutionary programme to bring our our businesses, industry and leisure places up to date.

    With the help of an Energy Conservation auditor, those who operate businesses, industry and leisure places will be able to get energy efficiency improvements without having to front up the cash.

    Instead our members will provide the energy audit, supply the equipment, make an installation and provide the required capital.

    Our funding members will be getting their money back via repayments tailored to match the saving from the relevant energy efficent measures.

    At the heart of our offer is a simple energy audit, the proposal will deliver a clear payback rule, the estimated savings on bills will be equal to or exceed the cost of the work over the life expectancy of the installation.
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